Beril Nisa Can

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Research Interests

My research interests primarily lie in the area of affective and cognitive neuroscience, focusing on the interactions between emotion and cognition. I want to further my studies in this field with the goal of understanding the role of affective states and disorders on cognitive functions (e.g. attention, decision making mechanisms). Furthermore, I have a keen interest in neuroendocrinology and I am fascinated by the powerful effect of hormones on cognitive and emotional processing. Currently, I am working on a meta-analysis about the influences of sex hormones on the brain with Prof. Dr. Sven Mueller and Dr. Belinda Pletzer. On this study, we look for the functional and structural MRI findings of the studies which were conducted with the participants who have hormonal imbalances.


After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Istanbul University (IU), I had to chance of being a volunteer in the Life Sciences Laboratory at IU Medicine Faculty. This experience has greatly contributed my familiarity with neuroimaging studies and increased my interest in functional and structural connectivity. Additionally, I have completed an internship in the Department of Neurology at IU Medicine Faculty. During this period, I had to opportunity to deepen my knowledge on cognitive functions and neurological illness by doing neuropsychological tests and assessments. Right along with my research interests, I am an amateur singer and songwriter, and I also enjoy painting and travelling.