Lab members

PhD students

  • Anna Hudson – Neural correlates of theory of mind after early trauma and maltreatment
  • Marie-Lotte Van Beveren (affiliated PhD student) – The influence of temperament in cognitive control and emotion in adolescent depression

Former PhD students

  • Laura Wante (affiliated PhD student) – Cognitive control and emotion interaction in adolescent depression
  • Nele De Witte – Emotion regulation in anxious youths
  • Sofie Cromheeke – Emotion cognition integration in adolescents and adults

Visiting students

  • Michela Saretta – MRI mega-analysis in transgender persons
  • Sara Boccadoro – Resting-state MRI after early trauma

Former visitors


  • Cagla Unal – Affective processing in Syrian refugee adolescents

Former Volunteers

  • Susanna Nordby Forsman – Trying to make sense of intracranial EEG during spatial navigation
  • Kathryn Jackson – What is the influence of cross-sex hormone treatment on resting-state activity?