Valerio Bonometti

Broadly speaking, my primary interests revolve around the affective neuroscience field with a major focus on the reward processes and their role in both normal and abnormal behaviors. Congruently, I am also extremely fascinated by their psychophysiological and psychobiological basis and interactions with diverse affective and cognitive processes. In this view, I investigated during my stay at Ghent how the interplay between task difficulty and reward affects both heart rate variability and pupil dilation.

My current position as a trainee at Padova University is allowing me to deepen one of my secondary area of interest that is the role of rewarding objects in online-videogame and gamification contexts, more precisely how the combination of rewarding objects and social comparison may boost the frequency of play via supposed reward salience augmentation. This experience is also providing me with a brief insight on the application of machine learning techniques on psychological and behavioral data.

Other than my interest for research, I enjoy practicing indoor climbing and I love travelling as a means for getting in touch with people and cultures different from mine. I like figurative art in general and more specifically I’m a huge cinema and graphic-novel enthusiast.