Marie-Lotte Van Beveren



Research interests

My primary interest lays in the role of resilience factors for youth depression. More specifically, together with my promotor Prof. dr. Caroline Braet and co-promotor Prof. dr. Sven Müller I am currently studying two potential resilient factors more thoroughly: one’s sensitivity to positive emotions (positive emotionality) and adaptive emotion regulation abilities. Furthermore, I am curious about the physiological (e.g. respiratory stimulus arrhythmia (RSA)), and cognitive processes (e.g. attention and attentional breadth) underlying these factors and how they can be enhanced in vulnerable youth. As a clinical psychologist, I quickly became interested in how emotion regulation training and optimization of positive emotional functioning may help adolescents to successfully navigate the twists and turns of this turbulent developmental period.



From when I was young I’ve always wondered why people differ. As I grew up, life made me even more curious about what enhances these differences. I couldn’t help but wonder why and how the human brain determines the emotions, thoughts, and behaviours people experience and why it sometimes overwhelms them. I also questioned why some people show so many resilience, despite all the harm they had faced; I am intrigued by how some people are able to bounce back from the negativity of life and look at the positive side. Much to my pleasure, after graduating as a clinical psychologist at Ghent University, I was granted with the opportunity of becoming a member of the clinical developmental psychology group and starting to search (and find) answers to my questions. Besides my interest in the positive side of life, I am also fascinated by the power of numbers. As a result, I am currently getting my master of statistics at the KU Leuven. Lastly, these interests are also reflected in my daily activities as I love to enjoy life and take pleasure in travelling, spending time with my friends, and doing yoga.